Hi, there.

This is my first blog. I’ve contemplated on making one for quite some time now. It’s just today, three days before the New Year, that I’ve finally decided to publish one. I don’t really have a concise plan on what I’ll be doing with this blog. As of now, I don’t want this to be seen by other people–especially by those who know me. I just want to have a space wherein I can write down my thoughts and opinions. By this very moment, I don’t even expect this site to be seen by others, yes, even by you.

So. If that’s the case then, why am I writing as if I’m talking to someone? Good point, amigo. Well, simply put, I’m still open to the possibility of someone actually stumbling down upon this site. My life doesn’t exist in an isolated vacuum–so does this blog. I still would love to engage with other people, of course. I still would appreciate if others paused and gave a moment of their existence into reading what I will be  sharing here. However, it’s just that as of now, my primary purpose isn’t to blog to be broadcasted and seen but rather, to blog even without an audience.

I’d like to exist here, in this space, for the sake of existing.

Maybe someday, I’d let my immediate circle know that I do have an existing blog. For the meantime though, let’s keep this thing just between the two of us. Okay?



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