Birthplace: Military Checkpoint

Qalandia Checkpoint

I’m currently subscribed, via e-mail, to the “Visualizing Palestine” team. Their organization creates socially-responsible infographics which I highly appreciate.

Shown above is their newest infographic release as of this month.

Shown below is the statement that comes along with their e-mail. Need I say more?

Born at Qalandia Checkpoint (the title of this infographic) focuses on the impact of Israeli movement restrictions on the everyday lives of Palestinians. The phenomenon of Palestinian women forced to give birth at military checkpoints peaked during the Second Intifada (2000-05). Since this time, Palestinian women in remote areas have increasingly resorted to coping strategies of relocating in the weeks prior to delivery, or giving birth at home.

By supporting humanitarian remedies such as the training of midwives but not mounting legal or diplomatic challenge to Israeli abuses, the UN and international agencies have sought to address the symptoms but not the root cause of the problem, which remains Israel’s policies of settlement, segregation and contol over the lives of Palestinians.” (emphasis added)


The Visualizing Palestine team may be visited through these links:


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