Oh, Palestine


Today, the VISUALIZING PALESTINE Team launched a billboard campaign throughout Washington DC with the “US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation”. As the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) meets for its annual Congressional lobby, the campaign calls for an end to the $30billion in US military aid promised to Israel over the coming decade. The three different posters highlight the ways in which US funding to Israel could instead be used to fund communities’ needs.


We live at a time where we are still plagued by many problems both here and abroad. Sometimes, these problems are so atrocious that it baffles me to much to know that these circumstances still continue. I understand that these problems often involve too many complications. However, this should not stop us from demanding for SOCIAL JUSTICE. This should not stop us from wanting to see CHANGE. Let us not be content by how things are, especially if we know that there are thousands, even millions, who are still deprived of INDEPENDENCE. When millions are constantly being land-grabbed, when millions are still denied of basic rights which people–of all races, creeds, and sexuality–should have, how can we just rest, and go on with our own lives while being blind to these? We cannot be apathetic to the sufferings of others. We cannot. Their suffering is also our suffering–it hurts the essence of humanity.

Call me a raving lunatic for wanting such high ideals–for demanding the “impossible”. I’d rather be one anyway than a dull realist who has lost hope in all things “possible”. Tell me, what is “the impossible” anyway? Isn’t “impossible” just a word imprisoned over time? That “the impossible” of today may be “the possible” of tomorrow. I hope that we never lose the zeal–the burning idealism–to fight for social justice. We may never see the fruits of our advocacies come into complete fulfillment during our lifetime, but at least, our children, or the children of our children, WILL.


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