Thoughts: Herbaria “Fears” Commercial

While it is creative, I wonder whether this advertisement sends its message across well. To “drown your fears with a cup of soothing tea” may indeed be a good message to send but I’m not sure whether this commercial does just that. If eerie shots are shown, with no clear resolution of calmness right after–for as you can see, this might still disturb, scare, or haunt some viewers–the ad may fail in creating a positive connection with its target market.

Personally, I like how cinematic this ad looks, along with the dream-like portrayal of the tea bag drowning one’s fear. The bloody-like contamination of the water, which you can say is the tea bag filling your cup, is also an exquisite shot. When you usually think of tea, most ads produced are “calm”, “peaceful” and “soothing”. This ad, however, with its ghastly music bed, is its complete opposite. Think it works?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Herbaria “Fears” Commercial

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