“The Choke Points of Power”

Earlier this morning, I watched a documentary entitled “The Choke Points of Power” in Al Jazeera English. If you’re into global politics and economics, trade, geography, and power-play, then this film is a MUST-WATCH.

For centuries, ocean-borne trade has been the backbone of global economy. Nations, which aspire to attain global power, compete in controlling maritime trade routes–such as sea lanes that are EXTREMELY crucial in the transportation of oil from the petroleum-rich countries of the Middle East.

The film projects that the West (with the US reigning as top superpower) is now facing an eventual decline of control over these maritime “choke points.” I love how this documentary really gets down to exposing and discussing some of the most CRUCIAL POINTS that explain how the affairs of our world work. The politics, feuds, and alliances between and among key nation players are really explained well in this film. Kudos to the directors and researchers!

(Tsk, I should have taken notes while watching this earlier.)
PS: I tried looking online for a copy of this film but failed to see any. It may be possible to catch a replay of this documentary in Al Jazeera English. This film was made by Alexandre Trudeau and Jonathan Pedneault and is also entitled as “The New Great Game.”

PPS: If you want to catch this in AJE, a replay might be shown during these times. Accordingly: “Al Jazeera World can be seen each week at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 2000; Wednesday: 1200; Thursday: 0100; Friday: 0600; Saturday: 2000; Sunday: 1200; Monday: 0100; Tuesday: 0600.”


2 thoughts on ““The Choke Points of Power”

  1. loved it. totally.
    choke points of power was such beautifully done. it has a laymans approach to understanding world economy(in a very rational way) along with ripping apart the complexities into crucial points. i myself have been searching for some download/stream link! and yea. it deserves notes taking if you appreciate the realities of the world we live in.

    • Hi, sorry for this late reply. I actually agree with what you’ve said. Lately however, I haven’t been watching any documentary/film from Al Jazeera English which is why I feel like I’m already missing out on other informative films such as this one. I hope though, that more broadcast journalists continuously come up with gripping films such as this one and that such films are aired in international TV platforms. (:

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