Giving God a Chance


If a Benevolent and Merciful Being such as God exists, then, wouldn’t we, as humans, want to do everything possible in order to get to know Him and embrace Him? If this Being is real and this Being is the epitome of eternal love, justice, and mercy, wouldn’t we want to gravitate towards such Beauty, Richness, and Peace?


I hope that before people completely closed their hearts to God/the Supreme Being, they first gave themselves a real chance to study, contemplate, and seek God. If their first “spiritual” journey failed, then I hope that they would conduct another journey twice, thrice, or even more–until their hearts and minds reach a point of unshakeable conviction in a matter that is as serious as God. I believe that only until then–only after such deep contemplation and study (of not only a single faith or religion)–can one truly decide whether or not all faith in such a Being must be abandoned.

As you can see, last night, I had a deep conversation with one of my closest friends. I ended that talk by telling him this: “Give God a chance.” Don’t get me wrong here; I am not a deeply religious person nor am I anywhere close to being a missionary. When I told him that, I was actually asking him if he could give himself another chance of learning more about God. If his prior experience with his past religion was bitter and shallow, I hope that he still would find the energy and passion to keep his heart and mind open to THE ONE. It doesn’t mean that if his prior spiritual journey has failed, all consequent ones would also fail. It wouldn’t be fair to say that all faith in God is false and pointless if one has not even exhausted, genuinely and passionately, all possible means in order to discover The One.

Of course, studying every divinely-inspired faith/religion out there might be extremely tedious–even close to impossible. However, if a being such as God exists, and if God is indeed the perfection of all Love, Peace and Glory, then would we, as humans, let one, two or even three blunders stop us from discovering The One? Would we let one failed spiritual quest completely convince us that all faith in God must be abandoned? Shouldn’t we be generous enough in giving ourselves a real chance, in fact several chances, to finding this Being of True Love and Mercy?


Surely, as a person of faith, I would say that any person who would genuinely and actively seek God will eventually find his/her way to Him. However, if it so happens that even after patiently and passionately doing countless quests in order to seek God, a person, at the last breath of his life, still convinces himself that all faith in God must be abandoned, then I would still admire that person for he displayed that genuine and active pursuit towards finding truth. Yes, we would both die believing in different things, but at least, both of us, as human beings, lived our lives in pursuit of truth and love.

If I may end with a quotation from Rumi:

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it.”