“The Choke Points of Power”

Earlier this morning, I watched a documentary entitled “The Choke Points of Power” in Al Jazeera English. If you’re into global politics and economics, trade, geography, and power-play, then this film is a MUST-WATCH.

For centuries, ocean-borne trade has been the backbone of global economy. Nations, which aspire to attain global power, compete in controlling maritime trade routes–such as sea lanes that are EXTREMELY crucial in the transportation of oil from the petroleum-rich countries of the Middle East.

The film projects that the West (with the US reigning as top superpower) is now facing an eventual decline of control over these maritime “choke points.” I love how this documentary really gets down to exposing and discussing some of the most CRUCIAL POINTS that explain how the affairs of our world work. The politics, feuds, and alliances between and among key nation players are really explained well in this film. Kudos to the directors and researchers!

(Tsk, I should have taken notes while watching this earlier.)
PS: I tried looking online for a copy of this film but failed to see any. It may be possible to catch a replay of this documentary in Al Jazeera English. This film was made by Alexandre Trudeau and Jonathan Pedneault and is also entitled as “The New Great Game.”

PPS: If you want to catch this in AJE, a replay might be shown during these times. Accordingly: “Al Jazeera World can be seen each week at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 2000; Wednesday: 1200; Thursday: 0100; Friday: 0600; Saturday: 2000; Sunday: 1200; Monday: 0100; Tuesday: 0600.”

What If?

I’ve been besieged by too many sentiments regarding the election. It’s a travesty. It’s a tragic hoax.

They say that this is a FREE and FAIR ELECTION. What is free in this?

This is all just a farce.

Where shall the vote go then?

Should the vote go to ‘ABSTAIN’? Or will voting for ABSTAIN be a detrimental move–for it denigrates the best candidate available and exalts the conservative opposition instead?

Choose between the two: Abstain or the Lesser Evil?

Go on, choose.


–What if.

What if we abstain from voting at all?

What if we end the game and we, the people, abstain from the charade?

Go on, choose.

Infographic on the Iranian Election

Interested about Iran’s upcoming presidential elections? View this primer, provided by Al Jazeera English. Iran has always been a country full of enigma. From the reign of the Pahlavi, down to the 1979 Revolution, up to the current regime, Iran has been besieged by different faces, and degrees, of absolutism. It has always been a battle of ideology–a battle of who gets to enforce, and maintain, their ideology (be it liberating or repressive) upon a people.



Infographic on the Iranian Elections