In a society where even the most mundane things in life are shown and boasted, humility–as a virtue–becomes even more so elusive. Vanity, egoism and narcissism are heightened all the more by technology and the virtual world.

Indeed, to be humble–and to constantly strive for such virtue–takes so much discipline, courage and wisdom.

I hope it was easier to liberate ourselves from the inessential–to realize the things that really matter, and to be able to walk the fields of the earth in such humble and kind fashion.

Why the Title?

“Forward, Sojourner!”

Try saying that in a more commanding tone, as if you were a chief commanding your fleet of soldiers. That’s how I imagined reading my blog title. Well, okay, maybe not that commanding but very persuasive, at the very least. Persuasive as… The characters in the book, the “Animal Farm”. I could hear Boxer saying his line “Forward, Comrades! … Forward in the name of the Rebellion” as I’m typing down this entry. It’s as if his sense of conviction also resounds with the title that I’m using right now.

Though the thing is, I don’t want to associate my title with that of “Animal Farm’s” aforementioned line. While it is full of conviction, it’s far too negative and depressing. While the characters do feel moved when one of them shouts “Forward, Comrades!”, this type of conviction is based upon deception and false progress. If you’ve read the book, you would realize that the animals in that farm were not really moving forward–they were in fact moving backward. You can say that a few animals did move forward but these were the few who held the power to manipulate, deceive, and abuse others. Despicable people characters, really.

Before I get carried away to making a review of that book, let me get back to my title. I feel that’s it’s necessary to explain why I’ve decided to use this. I’ll give you two reasons. First, I am a sojourner. I believe all of us are. As a sojourner, my place in this earth is only temporary. The moments I spend here are fleeting. People usually associate the word “sojourner” with that of a “traveler”. Although I do love to travel to different countries (it’s a blessing I’m thankful for), my being as a “sojourner” transcends this. I was a sojourner ever since I was born. I’m an interim passerby in this world we have.

If you must know, yes, I do believe in the afterlife. I’m not overtly religious but I do believe in the basic tenets that compose my faith. They say that this life is a test to see who among us can live the most pious lives–a life-long challenge to see who can truly submit themselves to God. It takes deep faith, sheer discipline, integrity, humility and kindness in order to manage to live such a life. Now, I’m not saying that I’m able to live my life in this very saintly manner. I may have never drank alcohol in my life (never really, not even a sip) and I can devout myself to life-long chastity until I die (unless I get married of course, if ever that even happens, haha) but these things do not make me religious at all. I do have flaws, still. And, I’m trying to work on those. Right now, all I can be sure of though is that I’m a sojourner in this earthly life.

“To God we belong and to Him we shall return.”

Second, I believe in living a meaningful life. And to live a meaningful, one must continuously move forward. You might get the idea that I may have a very negative past which I’m trying to run away from. Haha. That’s too dramatic of you, come on. I don’t have a past that’s as bleak as that. If I were to pass away now, I can fairly look back at my past and give a hearty smile. (Of course, I don’t want that to happen just yet. There are still many goals that I would like to reach).

What I’m driving at here is that for us to grow there’s no way to go but forward. We may fail at times but that shouldn’t stop us from striving to live a good life–a life that also makes the lives of other people good. There’s SO MUCH we can do in this world that we shouldn’t tie down a rock to weigh ourselves down and stay stagnant.We must always move forward.

As a sojourner, that’s what I am and will keep on doing.