The child has been hot for days. She shivers, she coughs—she’s weak, that’s clear enough. Mother tries to cool her down, but she fails. The child has been ailing, and now it’s gotten worse. The light, from the lone candle, dies down.

If only Mother had money. If only she did.

Mother wails.

She is gone.

Weakest Link

Go. Judge a country by the way it treats its weakest members. If thousands or even millions are still plagued by inhumane living conditions, what’s there to be proud of? While governments may display how “urbanized” their cities are growing, wonder if this so-called “development” is equitably spread across. Development is usually constricted upon city centers and is often only enjoyed by the minority who are well-off.

Problem is, this has been going on…
                                                           And on…
                                                                          And on and on….

Worse than being deadly, this cycle is unjust.