Another Letter to You

To The Merciful and The Generous,

I pray that You enable me to become more patient. More patient in dealing with others who see the world in a completely different way. Others who see You differently than I do. Others who don’t even see You at all. Or others who do see You but refuse to embrace You.

I’m not perfect and I too have my flaws. I have no right to judge the other sheep within Your flock. All of us are equal after all, each bestowed with Your grace. For all I know, I too have my own imperfect view of the Perfect You. So who am I to judge when my own very eyes are flawed and  constrained?

So please, Oh Truth, grant me mercy. Mercy for the times I am stubborn and insistent. There is no compulsion in religion, I know this to be true. So please, once again, grant me the patience, understanding and endurance to treat ALL of your sheep with respect and tolerance–knowing that each sheep, whether one chooses to follow the path or walk astray, is blessed with grace. Grace and… Free will.

May you grant me the strength to balance both my duty to guide and my responsibility to respect such free will. Enlighten me to be more patient and wise, to be more respectful and kind, to all and everyone.

Lead me, my loved ones, and ALL of Your Beloved to You.